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An annual project paying tribute to the past year’s fallen heroes and icons, Faces Of Death (F.O.D.) features portrait drawings from countless international artists culled together into ever-evolving iterations of limited edition prints. Brooklyn-based artist, Michael Hambouz, was passed the management torch in 2013 by project founder Milton Carter. In the spirit of respecting spirits, F.O.D. maintains a not-for-profit philosophy—all print sales cover production/release event expenses and help sustain the project, now in its 21st year. All are welcome to participate.

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FOD 2018

FOD 2018 Collaborative Artist Editioned Screenprint T-Shirt (double-sided)

Faces of Death 2018 collaborative artist T-Shirt printed by Kayrock Screenprinting, edition of 120.

Release date: Saturday, February 16, 2019

Printed on soft, comfy sustainable/organic American Apparel T’s. 100 % cotton (they look a lil over-sized, but will shrink a little into designated size)

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Special thanks to:

  • All of the incredible artists this year, including Kate Nielsen & Jocelyn Jones for their winning title tributes to Aretha Franklin & Stan Lee!

  • FOD teammate Maya Hayuk & GROWROOM // SHOWROOM for hosting the release party again this year!

  • And gang at Kayrock Screenprinting for bringing my insanely challenging Tetris arrangement of artwork to comfortable T-shirt-y life!

If you pre-ordered this year’s Print Edition T, come out to pick up your shirt (and team patches if you’re new this year), a few extras will be available at the party if you missed out. If any remain, they will be added here to the site post-event. Mail orders will be fulfilled early the following week.

Friends and family welcomed to attend- feel free to pass along.

Lots of love,


FOD 2017

In honor of F.O.D.’s 20th anniversary, FOD has partnered with Du-Good Press to publish this year’s hand-silkscreened commemorative zine.

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Backstock from the FOD Archives

(click on items to see the participating artist)


FOD 2009 Tee artists:

Hope Gangloff, Paul Conrad, Anis Crofts, Michael Williams, Jeremiah Stewart, Derick Holt, Harrison Marshall, Momo, Neil Meredith, Nathan Gelgud, John Mathias, Chris Barron, Milton's Dad, Jason Wyatt Frederick, Mike Reddy, Jonathan Gould, Me, Benjamin Marra, Kim Reinhardt, Caroline Lee, Kirsty Gould and Lina Hellden

2002 F.O.D. Tee

1997 Gank 'Zine F.O.D. Feature