a portrait project celebrating the significance of collaborative roles necessary to create, support, and sustain the arts. The selected subjects all contributed unique talents and expertise in their fields during my tenure as a professional fundraiser for NYC arts non-profit organizations (2001-2011).

In preparation for each portrait in this series, I required subjects to reveal obsessions, muses, and secrets through a mandatory questionnaire, which I then used to build preliminary compositional concept sketches with embedded personal symbolism. I collaborated with photographer Michael O’Shea and each subject, to co-art direct a “film set” to shoot reference photographs for the final painted portraits. Throughout the painting process, I listened only to the subject's favorite music—an experience that brought me closer to the subject, and in a sense allowed the subject’s hand to help guide, subconsciously, each brush stroke and pigment selection.

This series was presented at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's (BAM) Diker Gallery Feb-March 2013.  20% of every sold piece was donated to BAMart and Pratt Institute endowed scholarship funds.

One particular subject that ducked pledged payment received updated modifications, and in hindsight would not have been included in this series ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

All images © Michael Hambouz 2019