7/12/18 Herndon Gallery Artist Talk

July 12, 2018 Exhibition Opening Artist Talk The Herndon Gallery at Antioch College Presents Michael Hambouz: Drank the Water A survey exhibition of 2-D and 3-D Paintings, Cut Paper Collage, Prints, Sculpture, and Video spanning 1999 – 2018 July 12 - Sept 1, 2018 Legend has it that if you drink from the spring in the Glen Helen Nature Preserve (from which the Village of Yellow Springs takes its name), you will always return. In the fall of 1995, first-year art student Michael Hambouz drank the water, and true to legend he returns this summer with an exciting and vibrant exhibition. Brooklyn, NY-based multimedia artist Hambouz '99 infuses the Herndon Gallery with energy and color in a broad survey exhibition of 2D and 3D-lenticular paintings, cut paper collages, print, sculpture and video works spanning two decades.

Mediums Exhibition


Curated by Michael Hambouz
Psychic Translator for the Muse, Hank Hivnor
Exhibition Dates: February 20 - March 27, 2015
Opening Reception: Friday, February 20, 7-9 PM

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Eight Artists Respond to Consultations with Psychic Hank Hivnor by Creating New Work in their Chosen Medium 

For the group exhibition Mediums, curator and multimedia artist Michael Hambouz enlisted six artists and one artistic duo—each highly skilled in a specific medium—to create new work based on an individual consultation with psychic medium, healer, and spiritual advisor Hank Hivnor. The resulting works—including pieces rendered in digital, textile, paint, ink, sculpture, and photography—were prompted by the artists’ individual experiences with Hivnor and the information they attained from their private sessions.

Having prior sessions with Hivnor, Hambouz conceived of the show as a way to provide each artist with a shared yet uniquely personal experience from which to create new work. “Each artist walked away from the session with fresh motivation—whether symbolic or literal, spiritual or skeptical—to experiment, create, and push the boundaries of their artistic practice,” said Hambouz.

Hivnor reflected on the Mediums project, saying: “This project has been an enriching experience, an intimate journey with a group of creative visionaries. I’ve been touched by each artist’s enthusiasm, unique motivations, and glimmer of ideas before they are interpreted, amplified, and made visible.”

Exhibiting Artists Include:

Chrissy Angliker (painting)—a Swiss artist whose expressive acrylic paintings visually translate her perception of self in relation with the world

Christina Carrozza (textile)—an artist and designer whose work emphasizes the process and materiality of fashion, imbuing it with new purpose and meaning

Chantel Foretich (sculpture)—a New Orleans-based artist who makes shrunken versions of places real, remembered, imagined, or literary

David Melrose (drawing)—a conceptual artist whose large sculptural works, 3D photographic collages, and works on paper combine the scientific and sublime

Sara Marie Miller (print)—an artist whose works include rich and vibrant multi-layered/multi-processed prints, paintings, and cut paper and crochet installations

Markus Stevenson Weaver (digital)—a video artist, photographer, cinematographer, and director with a graphic arts background

Ebru Yildiz + Mitchell King (photography)—a husband and wife team and co-owners of Brooklyn Grain photography studio, Yildiz and King share an affinity for traditional, analog photographic processes and the Brooklyn music community.

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